Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy trying to find solutions for tourism in Nias Islands grade of strategic areas of tourism into the national major tourist destinations in the western region of Indonesia. This was stated by the Head of the Department of Tourism, Youth and Sports West Nias, North Sumatra, Yamonaha Waruwu, to Kompas.com, Wednesday (09/08/2014). 

Waruwu invite local communities and abroad to invest in West Nias. The consideration is simple, rich West Nias ensure potential strategic growth in the world tourism industry. He said economic growth in the West Nias tourism slowly rising number of visitors for tourism region in western Nias. 

"Currently, there are 10 new tourism destination area we reset and we make a tourist destination and the region of 10 to support each other which will provide exceptional impact West Nias boost economic growth in the future," said Waruwu. 

According Waruwu, to 10 tourist destinations include custom homes in the village of West Nias Sitolubanua, surfing on the island of Asu, panoramic Sirombu Beach, composite stone Falaete Beach, uniqueness Fari'i Beach, Island Lake Bring exotic, megalithic site in Lahömi, Lolozirugi village and Village Sisarahili. He said all of this offers tremendous potential for investors, both domestic investors and international investror from a number of countries. 

"Please investors do research and observations in West Nias. From the results of research later, I'm sure will find potential cooperation in mutually beneficial tourism economy, "he said. 

"And the result of the people of the earth be easily transported by sea through the Port Sirombu. That is why, the tourism economy in the West Nias into the region to support each other, "said Waruwu. 

More detailed Waruwu states, interest in developing tourism economy to the investors in order to be realized in the near future. "West Nias need acceleration in development. Not only that we will continue to provide great opportunities for investors to be able to do in the development of a tourist destination, we will help, all it easy for investors, as well as a number of other potential are expected to continue to move forward, including other strategic areas such as agriculture, education, commerce 'Waruwu added. 

Special cooperation in tourism, it will help the investors to be more comfortable in working in West Nias. "There needs to be far away again, in West Nias we already have it all. Such potential natural beauty and water sports as well as relics of antiquity including megalithic sites," he added.
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