Bayern Munchen Bakal Pecat Pep Guardiola Jika ...

   Pep Guardiola has said that Bayern Munich can can be fired if they fail to reach the expected level of camp Allianz Arena. In addition, the Catalan coach also revealed a total defeat 5-0 at Real Madrid last season was the "embarrassing" defeat.

   Speaking to the press, Pep Guardiola said: "There is absolutely no secret. If I do not win (the title) will be a new coach (Bayern Munich) next season. "

"I came to do the best job as he did in Barcelona, ​​I'm in another country;. With completely different style (than usual I met) "game, added Pep won four titles last season in his first season with Bayern Munich.

Last season, Bayern little untouched in the German League. But they turn into fighting in the Champions League. Club with a host of players who had also experienced a crisis during the month of April 2014.

According to Pep, "I am trying to adapt to the club, and I hope the players also fit my idea. However, this process can not be completed in one year. "

"We can win the Bundesliga DFB Pokal and remarkable season. Whatever happened against Madrid (loss across 5-0) is embarrassing. Not because we lost, but because we have lost the occasion. "

Pep Guardiola also not forget revealed that style of play is not absolute victory could still happen. All it takes is the patience of the players and coaches to continue to maintain the most appropriate style for the team.

"All systems are good, and everything bad system., I'm not sure that Britain and Italy from Dunai Cup because their system is bad, and Germany won because they are the real philosophy. "

"Spain has lost and will continue to maintain the style and the coach. Perhaps they return again. This is a matter of faith in which you make," said Pep.

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