Germany World Champion 2014

  Germany was finally able to win over Argentina in the 2014 World Cup with a 1-0 final party. After 24 years, it was not Germany win the World Cup, and finally de Panzer buried awarded to curse the first European country to win the World Cup in the continent of Latin America and the hero of Germany 4.

   Messi also gave the best player in the World Cup now, but a more perfect if Argentina win the World Cup. Argentina has been recognized in the second minute of stoppage time and the stoppage menit minutes
Gotz will be a crucial match in the final game before, a shot towards the goal from the penalty Romero.

   Although not confirmed Khedira, still Germany play good after his victory in the possession of the ball, while Argentina have some great opportunities, and scored Higuain current, but were obtained anulir judgment infiltration and the second time also Palacio and Macy's, but can not be goal.

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