Kredit motor sport seperlima dari bebek dan skutik

In recent years, the market motorcycle sport class and other classes that go along with premium growing economic improvement for a number of people in Indonesia.
With it, motorcycle hobby was increasingly popping up, especially after the bridge Kawasaki motorcycle market with the class 250 cc sport.

Used Motorcycle Adira Finance (Adira Mokas) also enjoys the advantage of this growing market hobbyists.

"Sport was about 20 percent of the total that we finance. Many as 80 percent of the non-sport. Market is right there is for transportation, there is for the hobbyist," explained Lewis, Head of National Marketing Used Motorcycle Adira Finance.
Mokas Adira said it could provide credit for a variety of motorcycles. The range is quite wide, ranging from standard motorcycles, three-wheel vehicle, up to a kind of premium grade Ducati. 
Credit motor used alone accounted for 25 percent of total motorcycle sales Adira Finance.

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