Note: Valid Passport Before vacation abroad

   OFTEN especially if traveling abroad, many people like to forget the period of validity of the passport held. In fact, this is an important asset in the brothels. 
Tourism has become part of the lifestyle. Almost all people do with the reasons vary. Claudia Kaunang, travel writer travel more often admitted, most often forget the little things like the validity period of the passport. 

"Passport sometimes often forgotten, could be due to frequent brothels in the country," he said when contacted okezone recently 

According to him, the passport is essential to overseas brothels. No tolerance if the validity of the passport has expired. 

"There can not let go because the period of validity of the passport expires. Tickets elsewhere have already been purchased," he added. 

Therefore, it is always important to check the validity of the passport especially if they are tourists who often make brothels abroad.


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