Department of Tourism, Youth and Sports Cirebon optimistic development in the District Sport Center Watubelah Source, Cirebon completed before the end of 2015.

Nonetheless, until now the project site sports facilities are planned to be used as an athletics venue in the title of National Sports Week (PON) 2016 XIX West Java was still stalled because the auction has not been completed.

Head Disbudparpora Cirebon Asdullah admit, Sport Center Watubelah project continuation of the original target was missed in 2014.

"But we believe the continuation of development can be accelerated in 2015 and will be ready for use when the PON," he said when contacted on Friday (08/29/2014).

According Asdullah, West Java Provincial Government has disbursed Rp 50 billion in fiscal year 2014, to continue development Watubelah Sport Center.

This follows the previous disbursement of funds in 2012 amounted to USD 30 billion, which is used for the initial stages of construction of the building foundation. The plan, in 2015 the provincial government will disburse the remaining Rp 20 billion from Rp 100 billion needs to complete the project.

Asdullah added, the current budget of Rp 50 mililar is ready to use, because it already exists in Cirebon district budget cash. "Yesterday I checked the existing construction auction winner. Yet for physical auction can be checked to the Department of Human Settlements and Spatial Planning," he said.

Meanwhile, the Department of Human Settlements and Spatial Cirebon itself is still there that can be reached when the "AP" repeatedly tried to ask for confirmation.

Head of mobile phones, Secretary, Head of the Section Head mapupun handle Watubelah Sport Center project, no one has successfully connected.

Based on observations, the condition of the project site itself Watubelah Sport Center is still visible mangkratk. Even some of the many project locations fence collapsed and was repaired. So is the building foundation pillars that surrounded the stalled weeds around it.

As reported previously, Sport Center Watubelah, is one means by which the West Java provincial government is prepared to host the 2016 XIX Originally PON at that location will be built, a football stadium with a capacity of 40,000 spectators and a few other supporting facilities.

The project start in mid-2012 and is targeted for completion in 2015, but since early 2013, construction stopped and until now there is no meaningful activity at the project site.

One of the shop owners around the project, Mardi (27) said, already more than a year workers abandoned the project site. As a result, the foundation building a sports center that is left unkempt look like old buildings that have been damaged.

"Do not know why the left, which is obviously more than a year there was no activity here. Seng closing any existing construction site collapsed left alone, especially in the grass and the foundation of the fence," he said.

As a trader, Mardi hopes the project can be completed. That way, there will be many activities surrounding residents. It will obviously have an impact on economic stretching traders. He also hoped that after completion, the traders are not expelled, but rather facilitated by Sport Center manager. (Handri Handriansyah / A-89) ***

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