OMFG SEO is Dead

   Wait! Before you send me 1,000 full fiver appropriate link anchor text in the link wheel, no, this will not be another "SEO is dead" article, and it will not be a repetition of many other items that tell you Why isn t 'death. 

It's simple: If you work in SEO know SEO is not dead. If you do not do SEO for real life, well, you'll have to trust us. 

This article will be a very special type of "SEO is dead" article - the author of the article that talks negatively on the industry itself with only a superficial knowledge and a lack of any meaningful understanding of what it means to do SEO in 2014. 

Budget say that SEO is voodoo, that does not work, and we sell nothing but rainbows and fairy dust is what I like to refer to as "cow dung". 

definition of SEO 

Before we begin, let's define SEO for the purposes of this article. Being in SEO means that you are working with search engine optimization work or part of their work. 

Now, what this is called search engine optimization? I think it is best summarized by Grant Simmons in a comment in response to an article titled "Is SEO dead?", Which was published in ClickZ: 

SEO is to ensure the visibility of people looking for content that answers key questions searched ... For some SEO including being an integral part of the conception of content, production and promotion, some SEO acts as "glue" and facilitate / coordinate the process, and some SEO is popular technique to ensure the content is available, visible, can be tracked and indexed by the true issues (how, why and what people are looking for.) Themes - some people SEO is all of that and more. "(to paraphrase Bill Slawaski) 
So if you call yourself an SEO, vending area, a digital strategist, or something else, your job somehow involves the positioning of pages and getting traffic from search engine results, usually Google. 

Back to 'dishonesty' 

For anyone who has ever walked through another "SEO is dead" article, there are two simple questions that you can ask yourself to determine whether SEO is really dead (Spoiler: Probably not) And the time and frustration you'll save Reading: 

Is there a search engine that finds and returns the contents of the user based on the words that enter via text or voice input? 
Is this based programming, algorithms and mathematical results? 
That's it. You do not need to know anything else. 

If the search is still there and still a mathematical basis for the restitution of their results, then there will always be a way to help the website appear higher in the results. If the search engines are increasingly becoming an important system completely subjective individual, then his death could give some consideration, but until then the SEO existed in one form or another. 

"Is SEO Dead?" - A look at the Micro Clickbait dishonesty. 

There's a reason "SEO is dead" article clickbait appear so often. Visited. Lots and lots of page views. 

Back to ClickZ post above. With nearly 50 comments, clickbait this article definitely do their job, but their work is planned to provide readers with informative content? 

Not Writers, Andrew Edwards, took many liberties with his thoughts on SEO; do a lot of myths and wrong statements like the following: 

But ... with the deployment of the most effective examples of this trick known as "SEO". 
SEO is no trick. I'm not sure that we need to go further than this. 

SEO is an industry that is full of promise. Despite evidence to the contrary, many SEO genius continues to insist that the Google algorithm can trick in getting your site - no matter what it is - the highest rank. 
Actually spam continues to live well and large, so apparently worked. But our "genius" is not trying to fool Google. We give Google what they want - a good site for the users, guided by the guidelines of Google. 

If you do not functionally dead, certainly in the hospital. 
While inflammatory, SEO is stronger than ever. All the new algorithm has pulled cream milk. The curd is cut down. 

Sounds like a good proposal for the site owner: drinking a bottle of SEO and your site will expand hard at the top of the pile. But too often, and partly because Google apparently does not want it, does not work as advertised. 
If you hire an experienced SEO algorithms have been aware of the change, you will definitely see a positive improvement. If you do not get results, you may need a better SEO, individual misconduct is not evidence that SEO does not work. 

And reporting of key words, the support system is important for SEO is just him away. 
While most are not happy at first, much to the relief of SEO keyword data loss. Do not have meant they could now report the real metric, not life and death for key positions. 

And finally, the last of the myths of SEO - if you build it, they will come. 

If you want to rank high on Google, build a good site and the market knows best. 
Umm, no. 

The 'do not need an SEO reality' Myth 

A big brand sites do exactly this. Brand, which is very well known, build and sell a good site that "the best I know." 

Site of this brand is huge, with tens of thousands of pages. They produce good original content. Why do they have to worry much about SEO? 

Google PenaltiesFour Four good reasons, actually. Your site was off for four penalties in Google. It is one of the SEO audit ugliest I have ever seen. 

The site ended up in such bad shape because they hire someone with the right knowledge and SEO today to help avoid these penalties. 

In the endless quest to eliminate spam search changes Google changes algorithm and penalty guidance only targets the bad actors are bad actors and bad experiences. This is most likely by Matt Cutts of Google said in a video that should mean Webmaster SEO optimization search experience. 

When the algorithm changes, you must change what you optimize, repair and attack on the site will be better optimized for search. 

This is not death. It is evolution. 

SEO is not dead, on life support, or even suffering from a bad case of the flu. SEO is alive and well in all its forms, and has become more complex. 

Investment vs Cost 

SEO is not for the faint of heart or lazy because of the complexity. This is also the reason why SEO is not cheap. 

To work in SEO and successful, you have to keep their skills and knowledge up to date, and constantly adding new skills to your professional toolbox. 

Google algorithm change between 50-80 times a month last year (on average). In addition, there are at least 10 major changes, including a complete review of how Google makes search with the release of Hummingbird. We are required to understand what is going on in the search, but also must have a holistic understanding of the website itself. 

The new algorithm looks: 

Three traditional SEO (content, links, meta tags). 
How your pages are presented. 
How to use ads on the site. 
How fast the site loads. 
If the code is running correctly (especially mobile) 
Are moderate their comments. 
If your content is thin or thick. 
How does the site host. 
How to use the site. 
How fast is the first pixel. 
And the list goes on and on. 
Then, as we learned all that changed, change or disappear completely. 

Now, let's add to the knowledge base of SEO also have to follow and understand changes in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, press releases, which Google will look as natural links, and more. 

Both SEO costs money because they know that the holistic nature of the website and look for the exit, all these changes in the same category. 

This means that your SEO is an investment in, the stronger the site better which will give back more than you put into it. When an item called SEO voodoo magic, it seems that any actual costs too much and end customers with spam providers that offer "cheap" services that ultimately cause more harm than they received in these results. 

When Clickbait not responsible? 

Types of goods, based on reviews clickbait, in which the author clearly no more than the level of the material surface, the understanding is the very definition of irresponsible writer.

This great brand punished discussed above article reads like this and decided not to actively pursue SEO efforts. After all, it's all tricks and you right-click? 

Believe SEO is a valuable cost them millions of visits to the site. Millions! There is no way to be sure what is meant in real dollars, because we are not working with your finances, but I'm sure it was not enough. 

But why are not responsible? 

SEO seriously. Livelihoods depend on our people to know our work. These types of articles can be really the same thing to create the site owners and at the end of the short nose to spite your face. 

A CEO or owner of the site lacking the knowledge to read articles like this and think they would look down and traffic was forced to send a letter of dismissal after a smarter competitor applying sound principles of SEO and begin to overcome in this category. 

And they are not only competitors that can cause some problems with the website. The owner himself can not understand how if you change or apply the elements that affect the site. 

Bad SEO 

Yes there are some bad SEO is not better than a used car salesman of a "movie of the 80s, however, not in a profession where the money was good, flexible hours, and most customers are not aware of? 

SEO buyer should beware. Buyers should educate themselves, to check things like stories that talk and book signing. But do not let that "SEO is dead" article scam thinking that you just build it and they will come. He closed the door before the end of the first year. 

Google does not hate SEO 

But wait, there's more than Edwards message: 

Do not make a dime on your site optimized and are concerned that users may be enough in the search results. He noted that Google wanted ... dampen SEO because they have determined that the results are skewing its useful ways. 
Google does not hate SEO, despite appearances, sometimes in opposite directions. Well SEO is not good anyway. 

Good SEO makes the website better. The best website to make a better experience when users search on Google and therefore a better product for Google. Good SEO makes Google look good. 

Furthermore, Cutts and his team spend time at conferences, on Twitter and forums to answer questions about SEO. 

SEO is not transparent, but it does not mean that Google hates SEO. This is just one more reason good SEO worth their weight in all the rainbows and fairy dust that we talked about earlier. 

Buying Organic Search AdWords does not help 

And then there is a complete fallacy Edwards: 

Because Google AdWords is a form of SEO, SEM was really (search engine marketing); in other words, to optimize the performance of your website on the Google offers Google keywords so that Google makes most of his money 
Not ummm - just not there. Read 4 SEO Myths and Conspiracy Theories Matt Cutts of Google wants to die, or just watch this video: 

Although you may have (paid advertising) Google PPC campaigns in NO (not paid organic search) WAY SEO. Purchase of ads does not affect organic, ie, has no effect on their position in search results. They are completely separate. 

If you are ever unsure whether what you read is good information or trick clickbait, go to YouTube and search Cutts' Webmasters Video. It is designed to answer questions daily SEO. 

SEO is like 7-11. We never Close 

SEO is a 24-7 job. When you hire a good SEO service not only employ, you use the knowledge base of everything. 

Edwards article should serve as a reminder that not everyone who says they have actual knowledge of SEO. Many people who write about SEO really only see clickbait with little true understanding of what they write. 

Not only the types of dangerous objects for website owners SEO where they often incite action (messages, comments, etc.), but go easy on SEO angry comments you see an article like "SEO Is she dead?" Is cow dung. 

It's easy to understand why an article like this so badly received by the industry. In addition to the full statement is false, correct and personal agendized, an insult to a lot of people who do the work that they tell their own businesses only "trick" is just fine.

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