Greater Manchester Police are investigating claims that Liverpool striker, Mario Balotelli, threatening a woman who owned a Ferrari car photographed Balotelli. 

As reported by ESPN, a resident in the area of ​​Wythenshawe, Manchester, is said to have called the police after allegedly threatening woman Balotelli when photographing cars Ferrari F12 Berlinetta approximately 15:00 on Thursday. 

Liverpool striker was reportedly visited her mother's home in Manchester, when the alleged incident occurred. 

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police admit there are incoming reports about the incident, but still shut up whether or not the offender is Balotelli. 

'' We are investigating reports of threatening behavior following an incident in Pewsey Road, Wythenshawe. Officers will talk to all parties at the time, '"said one of the representatives of the authorities. 

Balotelli had just had a fight with Liverpool's Champions League against Real Madrid, at Anfield on Wednesday (22/10/2014). In the match, Liverpool lost 0-3 to Madrid. Balotelli caught the headlines due to exchange jerseys with Pepe at the end of the first half.

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