Yamaha YZF R25 Buka Order Online

  for sport bikes such as Yamaha R25, R15 and V-Ixion. Locally made motorcycles Yamaha Yamaha R25 and R15 even become highly in demand in the market to compete with the Honda CBR150R and CBR150R. 

Yamaha R25 for local sale price of about Rp 53 million, while the price of a local Yamaha R15 recent rise in late August 2014 amounting to Rp 1 million to Rp 29. 1 Million. (Read: Many enthusiasts, This Yamaha R25 Motor Sport August 2014). 

For the price of Yamaha R15 and R25 as well as other types of Yamaha in October 2014, from the observation News.Hargatop.com, (10/01/2014), the price of the Yamaha did not change significantly. From several sources sellers Yamaha Indonesia both new or resale price online and offline, the following summary results News.Hargatop.com for price Yamaha R25, R15, Vixion, Fino, Mio and other early New October 2014 

Yamaha Motor CBU 
Yamaha YZF-R6 Price USD 220 million 
Yamaha YZF-R1 Price USD 335 million 
Yamaha Tmax Price USD 185 million 
Yamaha Vmax Price USD 500,000,000 

Yamaha Motor Duck 
Elegant Yamaha Force 1 Price Rp 3,700,000 
Yamaha Force Sporty Price USD 13.35 million 
Yamaha GT 125 Price USD 15.9 million 
Yamaha Jupiter MX Price Rp 15.175 million 
Yamaha Jupiter MX ATCW Price USD 16.45 million 
Yamaha Jupiter MX CW Price USD 17.3 million 
Yamaha Jupiter MX CW AC Price USD 16.22 million 
Yamaha Jupiter MX CW MC Price Rp 17,000,000 
Yamaha Jupiter MX Moto GP Livery CW Price Rp 17,600,000 0 
Yamaha Jupiter Z Price Rp 14,000,000 0 
Yamaha Jupiter Z CW FI Price USD 15.25 million 0 
Yamaha Jupiter Z CW FI Moto GP Livery Price Rp 15,500,000 
Yamaha Jupiter Z FI Price USD 14.6 million 
Yamaha Jupiter ZX CW 14.95 million 
Yamaha Jupiter ZX SE Price USD 15.25 million 
Lexam Price USD 16.8 million 
Yamaha Vega R DB Price USD 11.45 million 
Yamaha Vega RR Price USD 11.99 million 
Yamaha Vega RR DB Price Rp 12,450,000 
Yamaha Vega ZR Price USD 11.3 million 
Yamaha Vega ZR DB Price USD 12.3 million 

Motor Sport Yamaha 
Yamaha R15 Price USD 29.1 million 
Yamaha R25 Price Rp 53,000,000 
New Yamaha V-Ixion KS Price USD 22.75 million 
New Yamaha V-Ixion Non-KS Price USD 22.55 million 
Yamaha Scorpio Z CW Price Rp 25,000,000 
Yamaha Scorpio Z Limited Edition Price Rp 25,500,000 
Yamaha V-Ixion Price Rp 22,000,000 
Yamaha V-Ixion SE Price USD 23.8 million 
Yamaha Vixion KS Price USD 23.2 million 
Yamaha Vixion KS Moto GP Livery Price Rp 23,700,000 
SE KS Yamaha Vixion Price USD 23.97 million 
Yamaha Vixion non KS Price USD 22.55 million 
Yamaha Byson Price USD 21.25 million 

Yamaha Motor Matic 
New Yamaha GT 125 Price USD 15.9 million 
Yamaha X-Ride Price USD 14.8 million 
Yamaha X-Ride ASE Price USD 17.15 million 
Yamaha X-Ride SE Price USD 15.4 million 
Yamaha Xeon RC Price Rp 15,500,000 
Yamaha Xeon RC Moto GP Livery Price Rp 15,800,000 
Yamaha Fino Classic Price Rp 13.750.000 
Yamaha Fino Fashion Price USD 13.85 million 
Yamaha Fino Premium FI Price Rp 14.525 million 
Yamaha Fino Premium FI SE Price USD 16.4 million 
Sporty FI Yamaha Fino Price Rp 14,500,000 
Sporty SE FI Yamaha Fino Price USD 15.7 million 
Yamaha Mio GT Price USD 13.65 million 
Yamaha Mio GT Moto GP Livery Price USD 13.95 million 
Yamaha Mio J CW FI Price USD 13.35 million 
Yamaha Mio CW Teen FI Price USD 13.35 million 0 
Yamaha Mio J FI Price USD 12.85 million 
Yamaha Mio Soul Price USD 13.7 million 
Yamaha Mio Sporty CW Price USD 12.35 million 
Soul Yamaha GT Muscle Price USD 14.75 million 
Soul Yamaha GT Street Price USD 14.75 million 

Additional information Yamaha sport bike Yamaha R25 and R15 still be the belle of the lovers of motor racing. With the price of Yamaha R25 and R15 are relatively cheap because it is produced locally, making it the best-selling motorcycle since it was first sold (Read: Yamaha YZF R25 Open Order Online, 700 Consumer Inden In 30 Minutes). The presence of locally made Yamaha R15 and R25 make Honda CBR150R is present locally to reduce the selling price. (Read: Compete Yamaha R15, Honda CBR150R Price Latest.

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