Diet Sehat 1 (Liputan6.com/M.Iqbal)

  Have an ideal body shape who do not want to. However, many people believe that certain types of exercise to lose weight or become more slender ideal. Though there is no exercise that keeps the body slim, how to lose weight is just 100 percent of the diet. 

Once delivered specialist sports from the Royal Hospital Progress, dr.Zaini K. Saragih, SpKO. According to him, there is no exercise that can help you lose weight or make a slim straight. The role of sports that were previously only change the composition is not needed by the body to be more ideal. 

"Exercise makes the body composition into fitting. Example had many daipada fat composition of muscle, then when he is exercising the right, the fat will decrease and the muscles grow. Hence there is no sport that makes thin. If the exercise correctly, it can actually be more fat," he explained. 

Thus, further Zaini, there are rules in sports. For example, the purpose of a person looking to lose weight or make a slim. While diet, meaning it should not stop the sport and make the sport routine activities. 

"If the sport continues to stop in a long time, will make the body composition changed. If not, he should repeat the exercise from the beginning," he explained.

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