Focus Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) R4 for Swift Sport does not pursue sales volume but as "warmers" Suzuki's image in the country. Swift Marketing variant most "hot" this was actually not intensively carried out, outstanding information moves from mouth to mouth. 

"Buyers Swift Sport is only certain circles, those who want a performance car. More marketing leads from mouth to mouth, just circulate among them, "said Head of National Sales SIS R4 Gunardi Prakosa, after the launch of New APV Luxury at Suzuki booth, Saturday (20/09/2014). 

According to the data wholesales association said there are 81 units of the Swift Sport is sold in the market along January-August 2014 means that there are at least 10 units sold each month. Gunardi explained, Swift Sport M16A engine is equipped with a powerful 136 tk and maximum torque of 160 Nm is still going to continue to be sold because it still has potential. 

Unlike the Swift imported (CBU) from Thailand, a special variant of Sport dkirim directly from Japan. Endang Johari, CBU Product Development Group SIS R4 revealed, in early September the stock has increased dozens of units, all housed in the facility Suzuki in Cakung, East Jakarta. 

"Just come (imported), ga is far different from other similar models. There is no reduction in the spec for Indonesia, all units were sent to the Swift Sport here spec Asia, unlike Europe, "said Endang.

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