Penting Diperhatikan Bagi Pendaki Pemula

   END weeks into a fun time for a short vacation. Not infrequently, a traveler to do trekking in the mountains near the location of residence. There is a sniper preparation that you must know before conquering the summit of the mountain. 
For those of you who live in the Greater Jakarta, there are some beginner mountain climbers targeted to spend the holiday weekend. For example, Mount Gede, Bogor has often been the object Pangrango trekking relaxed. 
In London there is the volcano with edelweiss charm as a remedy tired. Moved to its Cirebon, there is the famous Mount Ciremai climbing lane long enough. 

"A lot of preparation is needed for trekking. Goods outdoor course can not be separated from the climbers," said travel bloggers when contacted Okezone Christanto, recently. 

Trekking leisurely past the craggy paths it takes a short time, approximately 2-3 hours. The man who was familiarly called Chris was saying, even though only an overnight stay at the top of the peak, camping needs should not be left behind. 

"Just want a short or long trekking, all need not to get missed," he explained. 
Novice climbers are advised to bring a backpack, sleeping bag, tent, flashlight, mattress, jacket, plastic bag, warm clothes, shoes or sandals mountain, drugs, and snacks. 

"Most importantly bring chocolate bars. Above if limp, can eat chocolate to add energy," he said as he ended the conversation.

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