All good practice since a young age will usually continue to persist into adulthood, even the elderly. No exception of sports. Unfortunately, one in four people aged 20-24 years, it was lack of exercise. 

Exercise is often considered as an activity that is less fun and boring. In fact, exercise is done regularly, which is 30 minutes five times a week, is useful to prevent disease and make the body more fit. 

According to Hidayat Dr.R.Wishnu, Sp.KO, regular exercise lifestyle among young people indeed need to be increased again. To be the preferred sport, of course, need to be eliminated impression that the sport was "excruciating" and monotonous. 

"Usually synonymous with the sport had to run around the field, gymnastics, push ups / sit ups, play basketball or volleyball or soccer as first school term time. Yet again coupled with the lack of opportunity and free time to do it," said the doctor who is also a staff lecturer at University of Indonesia. 

For beginners, Vishnu suggested moderate intensity exercise, such as brisk walking. "Exercise can be something fun if done together with friends," he said. 

To encourage more young people excited about exercise, Mizone, isotonic drinks, Sportember launched. "We want to encourage young people to better fit with the sport activity more fun," said Marketing Manager Mizone, Julius Tirtasaputra, in a press conference in Jakarta (09/09/14). 

He explains, through the twitter account and hashtagmizoneid #MizoneSportember, Mizone be voiced enthusiasm for exercise in this month. "We plan to make this an annual event," said Julius. 

Mizone also prepared an interesting contest idea about the sport fun. One of the activities that will be held is the "Morning Morning Disco" as Car Free Day on 14 September 2014 which will feature Frans (Celebrity Fitness), Ibn Jamil (actor & presenter) and DJ Adhe & DJ Princess. 

"Most young people like to exercise busy-busy, and likes to party-yack. So, why do we not exercise while party? Sports can also be fun," said Julius.

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