Menpora Minta Olahraga Berkuda Dihidupkan Kembali

   Minister of Youth and Sports (Affairs) Roy saw a potential that can be extracted in equestrian sport, particularly in the region of West Sumatra (West Sumatra). That he expressed when present in the culmination warning, Tuesday, September 23, 2014. 

"I wish every region developed a specially developed sport in the region, such as the one in Sumatra, we hope this can be re-equestrian raised, first because here is very famous for the sport," said Roy Suryo, in snag, as quoted by between, on Wednesday (09/24/2014). 

Roy also wanted to evoke Sumbar be mecusuar equestrian sport nationally. In addition to riding, martial arts Affairs considers also holds the potential and must be preserved. Moreover, martial arts is a national cultural asset. 

"Pencak Silat is an Indonesian native sport, and it can also be proved, from the relief panels in Borobudur temple, where there are paintings that show the martial arts, because it should be well guarded," he explained. 

Accordingly, equestrian related some time ago, Vice Governor of West Sumatra Muslim Kasim, explains, equestrian achievements in West Sumatra of 42 National Championship Horse Pordasi Runway, has a seven-time winner of the public. Indonesia last equestrian daughter, Larasati Gading contributed a bronze medal at the 2014 Asian Games.

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