This year the competition among manufacturers in motor sport market increasingly fierce. For the next year, whether the competition will be more exciting than this year?

According to GM Marketing Communication and Community Development Yamaha Indonesia, Eko Prabowo, motor sport market will always attract each year. No exception for next year.

"Meanwhile, we are still going to maximize R Series for sport bike segment next year," said Eko on the sidelines of the Mobile Fun Adventure Yamaha R25 Belitung.

Sport bike Yamaha R-Series offers advanced DNA Eko racing (sport) Yamaha is very strong. Just look at the bike like Yamaha R1, R6, R25 and R15. All motorcycles that offer exceptional racing DNA.

Increasingly fierce competition to make motor sport next year, whether Yamaha will release the latest model sport bike again?

"This year is R15 and R25 pamungkasnya. Next year we will also have other models, but I have not been able to talk much more about it. Wait just in time," explained Eko.

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