Ratusan orang antre untuk masuk ke pameran Travel Garuda di JCC. (Foto:MI/Husen Miftahudin)

    Hundreds of people lined up at the Exhibition Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair (GATF) 2014 held in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

The exhibition is held for three days, from 12 - 14 September 2014 attract visitors to hunt cheap ticket.

Tike, 26, a private employee claimed enthusiastic about the opening of this Garuda Travel Fair. Moreover, the exhibition was held on the day-to-day weekend that it was a holiday work schedule.

"As long as mas holidays. Quite nyari cheap ticket for a walk later," Tike said when met waiting in line at counters Garuda Travel Fair at JCC, Senayan area, Central Jakarta, Saturday (13/09/2014).

This is the second time GATF held in 2014, after which the first was held in April. The exhibition was attended by 44 travel agents, 5 stand Local Government (LG), the National Tourism Board from various countries, as well as booths tour packages youngsters.

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