Ovi Dian Andalkan Travel Agent

TRAVEL agent into one of the tourism businesses that help travelers. Every company must have a different way of services.
22 years old virgin who became a television presenter Ovi she considered travel agents contribute significantly to the whole set of holiday travel. He was often rely on travel agents at the crucial moment or go impromptu.

"I never bought a ticket at a travel agent for departure from Singapore to Jakarta. Bought over Singapore's travel agents and services faster than Indonesia," he said when they travel to the editor Okezone, Jalan Kebun Sirih, Central Jakarta, recently

Every purchase tickets Ovi usually more confident all the time with a customer representative than having to laboriously airline travel agents sometimes call the uncertain outcome. However, even if the book through travel agents should be considered legitimate.

"As far as travel agents help really., But I prefer to telephone each airline or booking online course," he added

Therefore, when buying tickets on the airline agent is usually cheaper to buy a ticket at a travel agent. So also with the tantalizing promo that sometimes does not apply in the tourist service providers.

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