Juventus sporting director, Giuseppe Marotta, criticized the Roma captain, Francesco Totti, who issued a scathing comments after the Giallorossi squad defeated Juventus 2-3 in the Champions Serie A, Sunday (05/10/2014). 

Juventus victory is determined by Carlos Tevez scored from the spot in the 27th minute and 45 as well as Leonardo Bonucci (86). Meanwhile, a pair of goals inscribed Roma Totti (penalty in the 32nd minute) and Juan Manuel Iturbe (44). 

After the match, Totti assess Juventus win because the referee assistance. However, Marotta assess Totti inappropriate issued a statement such as Juventus deserve to win the game. 

"I respect Totti as a football player.'s Understandable because she was sad to see the results of it, but what was said was not acceptable," said Marotta. 
"In the past, the club has to bear the burden of others, but when the team wins it means they have won legitimacy and deserved it from the standpoint of proper football." 

"Every year Juventus referee accused aided and often are in situations that are not clear. However, I believe such a decision will not be considered by them." 

"When we won the penalty that reminds me to Juventus and Roma at Olimpico that was held last year. When the Romans won a penalty and this year's turn to Juventus," he said. 

While Juventus leads Serie A with 18 points from six matches. While Totti and his friends had to settle under it, with 15 points in five games.

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