Documenting the journey or the beauty of nature through photo becomes a common thing. Even today, every cell phone has a camera. But for those who claimed to be a travel photographer, travel photos certainly do not want that diabadikannya seem familiar only because so many have perpetuated. 

"Photographers have to be more observant tourist again, besides the techniques they need to capture things that may not have been captured on camera others. Avoid wearing angle has been the most commonly used. This was the challenge," said Tirto Andayanto, a tourist photographer in Jakarta, Tuesday (07/10/2014). 

Furthermore, Tirto said that the travel photographer should also read the characteristic place. "Getting to know the characteristics that are very important and must be known. Suppose paddy photo, travel photographer should know the difference between rice fields in the Padang and Aceh. Might seem similar, but they have to know the character," added Tirto. 

Capturing a very important trait in his opinion, the photographer will be easier to know the characteristics of the angle should be set where he took the picture. Capture images must also complete the composition. 

"The composition of the photo can not be made-up, which can be made-up the Digital Imaging at which time there were less able to plus-add. Photography is not like that," he concluded.

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