Leher Pegal

We often felt sore after exercise. There were deciding not to exercise the next day, some are indifferent and do it anyway, because it considers the perceived soreness is a natural thing. 

In the event 'Let's Get Into Shape in 10 Minutes', Personal Trainers and Aerobics Instructor Best in Indonesia, Etty Budhi, explain, when the whole body feel sore after exercise we can choose whether still want to continue, or even stop it. 

"Because the muscle continues to work. Usually after training, within 24 hours the muscles will work. So he did not stop at all," said Etty explained. 

Thus, if we rest the body in a relaxed state, the muscle power will decline. "I suggest, should continue to exercise. Why, because it will add to the condition of our bodies become more fit," said Etty added. 

But, press Etty, if the condition of the body is not possible or too heavy to do sports activities, it's good to take a break. 

On that occasion the owners 'SPORT HATCH' explained, if the soreness caused by weight training (exercise load), we can stop for a moment and replace other movements the next day. 

"For example, today we exercise and sore shoulder muscles, shoulder muscles the next day do the exercise again, replace the chest muscle exercises," said Etty. 

"It was done so that the muscles can rest, because it is the principle in weight training is a one day rest or one day off," said Etty added. 

If the stiffness due to cardio, light Etty, it's not a problem. You can continue

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