PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. back working together to hold a "Garuda Indonesia - BNI Travel Experience 2014" which was held on 13 to 16 November 2014 was held in the Main Atrium Mall Gandaria City, Jakarta.

Marketing and Sales Director of Garuda Indonesia Erik Meijer said that at the end of the year like this, the public interest and demand for higher holiday activities, to the Garuda Indonesia seeks to meet demand throughout the community by holding a "Garuda Indonesia - BNI Travel Experience 2014" This .

"Activity holiday, good holiday Christmas and the new year is quite high at the end of this year, and Garuda necessary to facilitate the desires of service users, in collaboration with BNI, realizing the" Garuda Indonesia - BNI Travel Experience "this," said Erik, as contained in press release.

Event tourism exhibition "Garuda Indonesia - BNI Travel Experience 2014" is aimed to meet the high demand for the public interest and at the end of the year to get information about the best tourist destinations in the domestic and international. And facilitating the "traveler" and the public to get tickets and travel packages are attractive yet affordable. Travel fair is also intended to complement the success of "Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair (GATF) 2014" was held in April and September 2014 ago.

"To make it easier for the Community to travel, as well as to stimulate the Indonesian tourism, Garuda Indonesia will carry out more frequent events like this. 'Garuda Indonesia - BNI Travel Experience 2014' held for 4 days, has a sales target of 15 billion with a target audience of 10,000 visitors, "said Erik.

Director of Consumer & Retail BNI, a senior official said Sutanto see success GATF 2014, BNI re-teamed with Garuda Indonesia for the event, named Garuda Indonesia - BNI Travel Experience.

"For this event the Customer BNI back the opportunity to buy a cheap ticket with a specific purpose and enjoy the program - a program created by BNI as cashback of up to Rp. 600 thousand, Installment 0 percent, Lucky Dip Free Travel Tickets and Save up to 50 persendengan BNI Reward Point, "a senior official said.

The event was attended by Garuda Indonesia Group and business partners into the "15 Top Contributor Garuda Indonesia Travel (GATF) 2014", among which are Dwi Power Tour, Avia Tour, Bayu Buana Tour, Golden Rama Tour, TX Travel, Travel Obad, Panorama Tour, ANTA VAYA Tour, Smailing Tour, Travel Mart, Travel Centre, Harvest Tour, Shilla Tour, KIA, Rotama, Tour and Garuda Indonesia Holiday (GIH).

Every visitor "Garuda Indonesia - BNI Travel Experience 2014" will have a chance to get the tickets Garuda Indonesia flights both domestic and international destinations with a very attractive price. In addition, each visitor will have the chance to get discount tickets domestic and international up to 20 percent for all classes available, including for international route is Garuda Indonesia flights to Singapore (US $ 132 nett), Hong Kong (US $ 349 nett), Brisbane (US $ 586 nett), London (1165 dollars nett), Haneda (US $ 623 nett), Kuala Lumpur (US $ 112 nett), Bangkok (US $ 294 nett), Osaka (US $ 613 nett), and Beijing (US $ 479 nett).

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