Jakarta Provincial Government will develop the sport of golf into a leading tourist in 2015 with the development of products and services from upstream to downstream.

"Seeing the potential, the development of next year's golf tour. We are already doing promotions or develop products as well as promotion of upstream to downstream," said Head of Tourism and Culture Dept. Arie Budiman in Jakarta, Friday (11/28/2014).

According to Arie, the potential of the upstream is the quality and service of a golf course in Jakarta known to be very good, good design to the level of difficulty would also waiters.

He said the city helped the development of the field and the service by the manager of a special tour golf to improve the quality and quality in order to compete with other cities in ASEAN.

In addition to good quality golf courses, further Arie, the city also has regular international golf tournament to invite golfers from outside and inside visit golf tourism in the city. DKI has consistently held Enjoy Jakarta Indonesia Open that always followed athletes and tourists.

Next year the city will host the "International Golf Convention" or conference meeting for golf in Asia Pacific. "The existence of this conference will certainly further enhance the entire network operators worldwide golf, especially in Asia Pacific. They also directly know the golf course in Jakarta and through the network will be a promotional event," he said.

According to Arie, the city consistently follow the International Golf Tourism Expo (IGTF) to promote this tour. Jakarta also has been a member of the international golf associations, government as well as managing the golf course so as to improve the existence of golf in the international arena.

No less important, the city applying competitive prices for golf tours so that tourists will get a very good service in accordance with the issuance of money. "The most important value for money, they get a relative for an excellent service with the money spent. Not that cheap, but the price is competitive, appropriate," he said.

Arie added, with all the potential and the development of the city government hopes to attract business travelers accounted for 61 percent of the number of tourists who visited Jakarta in 2015.

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