Although it has been banned by Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama, the ranks of the Department of Tourism and Culture is still of tourism promotion activities abroad. This time tourism promotion held in the Philippines with performances roadshow at Hotel Pan Pacific, Manila, last week.

Head of Promotion of Tourism and Culture Dept. Cucu Ahmad Kurnia, said the reason it still held a promotional tour in the Philippines aims to increase the number of tourists from these countries.

"The number of tourists Philippines is not as much as other Asian countries, such as Malaysia, China, Singapore, Japan. Therefore Filipina tourist market potential for cultivation," said grandson, Sunday (12/14/2014).

In addition to the promotion of tourism, said grandson, in Manila, Department of Tourism and Culture also organized a business forum which brought together more than 20 tourism industry in Jakarta with the Philippine tourism industry stakeholders.

"We want to convey to the public that the Philippines is one of our destinations in Asia are interesting to visit for tourist activities. Conditions Jakarta is also safe and conducive for foreign tourists," he said.

For information, in the last month Ahok never threw a warning to officials working units (SKPD) DKI Jakarta heavily promoting overseas directly and excessive. According Ahok, today there are several SKPDs that makes the program in the budget for the "streets" to foreign countries under the pretext of promotion of Jakarta.

Ahok judge, rather than going directly into the target market countries, tourism promotion is better done by utilizing the technological sophistication of the internet, including social networking.

"No longer should the Department of Tourism promotion (overseas). Department of SME promotion (abroad) as well. It's just splurging money promotions erratic baseball. Head in the Department of Tourism (Disparbud DKI) to baseball returned from abroad, roving continues , "said the former regent of East Belitung.

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