Ambarawa livestock market, Semarang regency which is unique only in the open market every Pon (Java), believed to be one of the mainstay tourist destinations Semarang District. Because angggaran Agency (Banggar) Semarang District Council approved the budget allocation arrangement Ambarawa livestock market in the 2015 budget of Rp 5.45 billion. After a well ordered, expected ngepon cultural heritage or the market every Pon (Java) at the Animal Market in the Java world is going to be a tourist destination traditional shopping.

'' The budget allocation as a form of executive and legislative attention on the animal market where Ambarawa. So that the animal market conditions will be more orderly, neat and comfortable, '' said a member of parliament Banggar Semarang district, The Hok Hiong, Monday (12/22/2014).

The Hok revealed the existence of market Ambarawa animals that have been rated disrupt traffic smoothness and comfort later would be transformed into a unique tourist destination, the traditional shopping. It simultaneously preserving cultural heritage ngepon that only exist in Ambarawa. '' Since I was little about the 1950s, every market Pon or cultural ngepon Animal Market Ambarawa was crowded at all. I believe the culture will become a tourist destination ngepon traditional shopping after Ambarawa livestock market later well ordered, '' he said.

One of the facilities that will complement Ambarawa Animal Market, according to The Hok, is gantangan to exercise birds chirping. With these facilities, it is possible every day can provide revenue (PAD). '' I'm sure the chirping of mania will come to the market every day Ambarawa animals. But traders and parking should be orderly and would be set so that the animals could be seed market, '' he said.

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