Secretary of Denpasar Anak Agung Ngurah Rai Iswara inaugurated construction Balinese culinary region in attraction Mertasari Beach, Sanur, on Friday (12.12.2014).

"This culinary region before used to present a menu to the local community and tourists who vacation in Bali, first needs to be'melaspas' (spiritual cleansing according Hinduism)," he said in Sanur, Denpasar.

He considers the potential is quite diverse culinary Sanur residents are ready to be presented to the public and tourists on the island. "The development aims to organize beauty and improve culinary tour along the coast Mertasari," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Tourism Department of Denpasar I Putu Budiasa, explaining that the Sanur area as a whole is a tourist destination. Therefore Sanur crowned by the central government as a national strategic area.

According to him, culinary tourism development in the area of Sanur is done by constructing three culinary los capacity of 15 stalls equipped with a gate, parking lot, and a small room.

"We hope that this building will be used in accordance with the functions and give advantage to the community, especially to improve the economy of the community," said Budiasa.

Sanur Village Head Kauh I Made There, thanked the government of Denpasar for helping in arranging the area of Sanur, especially Mertasari Coast region.

"We hope in the future of this coastal region become the favorite area for berkuliner for domestic and foreign tourists as well as local communities can improve the economy of coastal Mertasari Beach," he said.

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