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  A stronger US dollar (US) against the exchange rate impact on the travel agency, especially for overseas destinations.

The number of tourists going abroad also decreased by 20 percent, although many who have booked a package that long ago. Most tourists refrain to make a trip to the exchange rate stabilized.

It is felt by a number of businessmen travel agency in Surabaya, East Java. One of them belongs Haryono travel agents, tour packages for the domestic and overseas.

Approaching the New Year's Eve, according to him, overseas travel destinations most demanding tourists Indonesia, especially for the purposes of Japan.

However, for the end of this year the number of tourists going abroad has decreased 10 to 20 percent. Factors that cause political problems such as the presidential election a few months ago. In fact there are some customers who have booked a package holiday abroad long ago, when approaching the cost of repayment of travel packages to actually cancel the exchange rate stabilized.

"To get around that the number of tourists going abroad is not decreasing, especially during the low season or when the end of the year, we provide a competitive package to create a joint consortium with agencies travel agency," said business Travel Bureau, Fransisca Gondosoewito, Saturday (20 / 12/2014).

Given these promok, Fransisca added, making the number of tourists still crowded, such as during peak seasons or during Lebaran.

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